These kits are designed in mind for a MOBA sort of game. you can take inspiration from them for spells or whatnot.

KENCH[edit | edit source]


Passive: Marble Construct: Kench will reflect a percentage of the damage he takes back to the attacker.

Q: Bladed Wings: Kench charges forward, stopping at the first enemy he encounters along the way, stunning and damaging them.

W: Marble Pillar: Has 4 Charges, when activated, Kench creates a pillar of onyx at target location, knocking all enemies away from it's origin point. the Pillar can be destroyed by enough damage.

E: Vigilance: Passively, Kench will gain true sight, revealing invisible enemies near him. When activated, Kench will leap to a nearby allies aid, shielding them and himself.

Ultimate: Scapegoat: Kench taunts all enemies near him, forcing them to attack him for a duration.

Hidden passive: Reversal: If two kenches are in the same game (Obviously one for each team), then One of the two kenches will be reverse Kench, who is made out of onyx instead of marble.

Skins: Gentleman's Club Kench, Caesar Kench, Technolord Kench,

LEGION[edit | edit source]


Passive: Lighthammer: Whenever Legion strikes an enemy, a percentage of the damage dealt will be converted into healing for the nearest, or most wounded, ally.

Q: Holy Blitz: Legion fires off holy energy in a wide cone, damaging and slowing all enemies hit.

W: Blessing: Legion heals an ally.

E: Hammer of Justice: Legion charges his hammer, his next attack will deal bonus damage and stun the target.

Ultimate: Beacon: Legion crackles and radiates with holy energy for a time, damaging all nearby enemies and healing all nearby allies over time.

SECRET PASSIVE: Has great legs.

Skins: Angel of Death Legion, White Knight Legion,Warlock Legion, Doctor Legion, Hammer of Zo Legion

SEMOHMS[edit | edit source]


Passive: Cursed Armor: Semohms gains bonus attack damage and damage reduction as his health drops, additionally, his spells cost HP to use.

Q: Minus Strike: A powerful strike that scales off of your missing health, this ability does NOT cost health.

W: Dark Bane: Shoot out a bolt of dark energy, if it hits an enemy, it damages them and Semohms gains speed.

E: Shadow Orb: fire a slow moving shadow orb in a direction that does damage, you can reactivate the ability to teleport to the orb.

Ultimate: Dark Nebula: after a moderate channel, cut yourself, and all nearby enemy warrior's HP in half. teleporting to the shadow orb does not interrupt the channeling of Dark Nebula.

Skins: Bloodletter Semohms, Teenager Semohms, Soccer Mom(Dad) Semohms, Harox's Blade Semohms

TB (The Boss)[edit | edit source]


Passive: Ethereal Plane: TB goes into the ethereal plane when out of combat, granting him 90% damage reduction and crowd control reduction for the first attack he is hit by.

Q: Unstable Rift: TB teleports to a nearby target location, leaving an unstable rift both at his teleportation start and end point, and damaging all enemies near his end point. TB can reactivate this ability when standing on an unstable rift to teleport through the rift he is standing on onto the other one.

W: Portal Parry: TB puts up a portal in front of him for 1 second. If an enemy strikes him from the front during this time, he absorbs the damage into his portal, and can reactivate this ability again at any time to deal the damage he absorbed into the portal in a cone.

E: Rift Flux: TB fluxes an enemy warrior, damaging them over time, and causing TB's autoattacks against them to have increased range, and teleport him to their target. Additionally, he can reactivate this ability on an unstable rift to force the fluxed enemy to teleport to the unstable rift he is currently standing on.

Ultimate: Wormhole: TB begins channeling, absorbing any projectiles near him, at the end of his channel, he will launch all the projectiles in a direction, all of their effects will apply as if TB was the one who fired them.

Skins: Legionnaire TB, Schoolgirl TB, Aqua Monster TB, Mafia TB

DINGO[edit | edit source]


Passive: Chain-Katanas: Due to his interesting(and pretty edgy) Weapon, dingo's attacks have a small delay, but are more powerful and hit all enemies in a line.

Q: Chain Sweep: Dingo swings both his chains in a cone shape in front of him, damaging enemies twice and applying any on-hit effects he has.

W: Roll: Dingo rolls in a direction, attacking any enemies near his roll.

E: Plunge: Dingo plunges one of his katanas into an enemy, damaging them over time with a bleed while they remain close together. Dingo can reactivate this ability to end the bleed effect early, but instantly damage and stun the target.

Ultimate: Grimdark: Dingo turns into super-uber-edgelord-man, and gains a new ability set as well as becoming melee.

Q: Charge Punch: Dingo charges in a direction, and punches the first enemy he encounters, damaging and stunning them.

W: Chain Hook: Dingo throws a hook in a target direction, damaging and pulling in the first enemy he hits.

E: Grab: Dingo grabs a target enemy, and then throws them, dealing damage, if he throws them into a wall, he deals bonus damage to the target.

you can reactivate Grimdark to cancel it early, but if the ability ends naturally, he will emit a powerful damaging pulse around himself.

Skins: Mercenary Dingo, Weeaboo Dingo, Lupus Dingo,

DIANA[edit | edit source]


Passive: Sense of Smell: Due to Diana being a Wolf-Humanoid, she can smell pretty dang good. she has increased vision range, and she can detect enemies under 25% health within a decent radius of herself.

Q: Tranquilizer: Diana applies a tranquilizing poison on her next shot, making her next attack slow both the movement and attack speeds of the target.

W: Sharpshooter: Passively, Diana gains attack range, when activated, Diana will gain major bonus range and bonus damage on her next shot, but then be required to reload her gun for a second.

E: Reposition: Diana rolls in a direction, using sleight of hand to apply a paralytic poison to her next bullet, making her next shot after rolling root the target.

Ultimate: Hitman(Hitwoman? Hitwolf?) Diana hunkers down for a second, then fires a narrow, super long ranged, massive damage, super-fast-projectile speed bullet, that scales in damage off of the enemie's missing health. If Hitman kills an enemy, it's cooldown and mana cost is refunded.

Skins: Hitman Diana, Cowgirl Diana, Tribal Huntress Diana, Polertorns' Guardian Diana,

PRESTO[edit | edit source]


Passive: Trickster: Presto will leave a decoy of himself whenever he leaves the enemy team's sight. The decoy will attack, but do no damage.

Q: Shadowy Strike: Presto blinks behind his target and stabs them, dealing damage and leaving a decoy at his initial location.

W: Forceful Card: Presto throws out a slow moving card in front of him that will slowly push enemies toward the end point, effectively, this is a moving terrain blocker.

E: Omnipresence: Presto teleports to any decoy on the map, damaging all enemies near the decoy, but destroying the decoy.

Ultimate: House of Cards: Presto lays down a trap that looks like a house of cards that will stealth after a delay, if the house of cards is triggered by an enemy, a presto decoy will spawn at their location and chase them, while dealing 15% of Presto's damage.

Skins: Birthday Clown Presto, Madman Presto, Backstabber Presto,

ALIZOR[edit | edit source]


Passive: Conquered Land: Alizor leaves a trail of conquered land whereever he walks, and wherever he kills an enemy. the Conquered land gives increased healing and bonus movement to Alizor and his allies. Conquered land lasts for a good while, but is not permanent.

Q: Scouting Arrow: Alizor fires an arrow into the air, which lands at a long-ranged target location later, the arrow provides vision for a decent amount of time, and conquers the land around it, as well as dealing damage in the area.

W: Suppressing Fire: Alizor launches a cone of arrows, damaging and slowing all enemies hit, and conquering the land beneath it if an enemy leaves the area he fired at within 3 seconds.

E: Guerrilla Warfare: Alizor launches a quick shot at an enemy, and then immediately turns invisible, his next shot will break him out of invisibility and deal bonus damage, conquering the land underneath him.

Ultimate: Call to Arms: Alizor jumps onto his pegasus, becoming able to move and attack at the same time, as well as giving a massive damage boost to all nearby allies, and constantly conquering a large area around himself during this.

Skins: Lord of the Apocalypse Alizor, GM Alizor, Surfer Alizor,

WRATH[edit | edit source]


Passive: Rageborn: Wrath will passively gain stacks of Rage as he is hit, up to 100, he will discharge all of his rage on his next attack, doing more damage per stack and stunning at full stacks.

Q: Clustersmash: Smash a nearby enemy, damaging them and all enemies behind them in a cone.

W: Intimidate: Can only be used after being hit, Immediately slowing and reducing the damage of the enemy who has struck you most recently.

E: Hammer of Injustice: Slam an enemy with your fiery warhammer, doing major damage based on their maximum health.

Ultimate: Styx: Jump down into hell, reappearing after a delay anywhere on the map, damaging all enemies near your end location, as the River Styx begins to surround you. The river styx's blessing will half all damage you recieve for the duration, and steal life from all nearby enemies.

Skin: Cold Shoulder Wrath, Construction Worker Wrath, Happiness Wrath, Kuzorr's Right Hand Wrath,

HARLEQUIN[edit | edit source]


Passive: Terrifying Patience: Every 3 seconds, your next attack will deal major bonus damage, this timer will reset if you attack an enemy.

Q: The Carnival Within: Fill a target's head with carnival music for 6 seconds, every 2 seconds with the debuff, the target will take damage and be mini-stunned for .25 seconds.

W: Juggalo's Blood: Empower your dual maces, doing bonus damage and stunning the target on your next attack, the damage fully stacks with Terrifying Patience.

E: Exerting Force: Passively, every 2nd strike of Terrifying Patience will deal even more damage, when activated, it will instantly refresh Terrifying Patience and apply the 2nd strike's bonus damage, even if you have not stacked it.

Ultimate: The Dark Carnival: Harlequin grows in Size, and begins loudly blaring Carnival music, silencing all nearby units. during this time, the bonus damage of Exerting Force, Juggalo's Blood, and Terrifying Patience are all increased, and you gain CC immunity. at the end of The Dark Carnival, you stun yourself briefly.

Skins: Birthday Clown Harlequin, Imprisoned Harlequin, Slotter Harlequin, Gems' Bouncer Harlequin,

MANNEQUIN[edit | edit source]


Passive: Bonus boon of the buffoon: Periodically, Mannequin's next basic attack or spell will activate twice, doing only the damage of the ability, with none of the added effects. The 2nd attack or spell doing only 50% of the initial attack or spell's damage.

Q: Disappearing Act: Mannequin throws an empowered basic attack at an enemy, and then goes invisible for a brief moment of time, if this empowered attack kills the target, Mannequin's invisibility length is doubled, and he gains movement speed during the invisibility.

W: Laughing Whirlwind: Mannequin throws out 8 cards in all directions around him, doing damage on their way out. The cards then stay at their location, and allows Mannequin to teleport to them on a 1 second cooldown, destroying the card in the process. the cards last for 4 seconds before disappearing.

E: Card Flurry: Mannequin throws out a volley of cards in a large cone, and then temporarily increases his attack speed.

Ultimate: Carousel of Hell: Mannequin summons psychic images of demonic carousel animals that stampede in a ring at target location. Any enemies that are hit by the animals will be feared and run towards the center of the ring. If this ability is augmented by Bonus Boon of the Buffoon, A second ring of animals is created, that will slowly close in towards the center, damaging enemies inside constantly until both rings dissappear.

Skins: Birthday Clown Mannequin, Casino Owner Mannequin, Dummy Mannequin

PAINT[edit | edit source]


Passive: Splatter: Every couple of seconds, Paint's next basic attack will create painted land in an area around the target. Painted Land buffs Paint by making his spells cost no mana, enemies hit by Paint while on painted land suffer additional damage, and some abilities have bonus effect to enemies on painted land. finally, painted land will fade after 10 seconds if Paint is not nearby.

Q: Blood Horn: Paint rips out one of his horns and slings the blood forward in a line, painting the land in front of him in a line, and damaging enemies in that line, and rooting enemies hit that are already on painted land.

W: Drench: Paint fires a glob of paint in the air, that lands at target location after a delay, damaging enemies in the area, and painting a much larger area around it. Enemies that are already on painted land when being drenched are mind controlled, walking harmlessly towards Paint for 1.5 seconds.

E: Artist's Pride: Passively, Paint will gain bonus attack and movement speed whenever an enemy is on painted land. when Activated, Paint can teleport to any area, as long as it is painted land.

Ultimate: Summon Blood Golem: Paint summons a Blood Golem, to fight for him, the Blood Golem scales off of Paint's stats, and will leave behind a trail of painted land wherever he goes, the Blood Golem also has Paint's passive, but with no internal cooldown.

Skins: (Actual) Artist Paint, Swamp Monster Paint, Patriotic Eagleman Paint

OVERSEEKER[edit | edit source]


Passive: True Sight: Overseeker can see invisible units, additionally, his sight radius is slightly bigger than most warriors.

Q: Mind Vision: Overseeker begins channeling onto an enemy, making his sight radius follow the enemy he is currently channeling on. the ability has no range limit on it's "tether" and can last potentially forever, but Overseeker is vulnerable while channeling, reactivate to cancel the ability.

W: Survey the Surroundings: Overseeker places a ward at a location that grants sight, it has only 5 HP, but lasts forever, it only takes 1 damage per attack by an enemy warrior, and you can only have one out at a time.

E: Sonar: Overseeker emits a sonar pulse around him, revealing the nearby area, any enemy warriors in the area are also slowed briefly.

Ultimate: Blackout: Overseeker uses powerful visionary magic to make all enemy warriors on the map nearsighted, reducing their sight range by a massive amount for a duration.

Skins: Dracula Overseeker, Spectator Overseeker, Fortune Teller Overseeker,

ROSAN[edit | edit source]


Passive: Envious One: Due to Zillihelt, Rosan has passive lifesteal, additionally, he will steal the stats of an enemy warrior briefly whenever he strikes them, this effect cannot happen on the same target again for 10 seconds.

Q: Spell Steal: Rosan steals the most recently cast spell of the target enemy warrior, casting it instead of spell steal on his next cast, after he casts the spell, he loses it, and this ability turns back to Spell Steal.

W: With Finesse: Rosan gracefully dashes in a direction, damaging any targets he encounters along the way. He can dash 3 times before this ability goes on cooldown.

E: Thief: Rosan takes the enemy's weapon, disarming them briefly, his next attack will attack with the stolen weapon, dealing an autoattack as if it came from the one you cast this ability on, if it kills a target, it is accredited to Rosan.

Ultimate: Stripped of Beauty: Rosan can only activate this when he falls below 25% HP. When activated, Rosan's facade slowly burns away, as his hideous true form is revealed. in this form, Rosan's passive stat steal and lifesteal is doubled, and he gains bonus movement and attack speed, and fully heals himself while also gaining a large boost to HP. however, Rosan silences himself while stripped of beauty. This effect lasts for 20 seconds before Rosan regains his facade, and goes back to his original health before he transformed.

Skins: Frog Prince Rosan, Werewolf Rosan, Rose-an

LUSK[edit | edit source]


Passive: Strategic Retreat: When Lusk hits 50% HP, he will immediately enter an unbreakable stealth for 3 seconds, and gains a movement speed boost when moving away from enemy warriors during this time. The stealth from this ability cannot be broken by any means, not even true sight. Once it has activated, it has a lengthy 50 second cooldown.

Q: Repeat After Me: Lusk marks a target, designating them as TARGET PRACTICE. If Lusk and any ally warrior attack the target within quick succession of each other, the mark will detonate, dealing even more damage and slowing the target.

W: Superhuman Agility: Lusk passively blocks an autoattack from an enemy warrior every 12 seconds, when activated, Lusk will use all his reflexes to make himself completely immune to the damage from basic attacks for 2 seconds, but the passive will be inactive while Superhuman Agility is on cooldown.

E: Assassination Tutor: Lusk briefly gives himself a major 50% Damage Boost, If he manages to kill an enemy during this boost, the buff will spread to all nearby allies, and refresh the duration on Lusk's own buff.

Ultimate: Follow my Lead: Lusk leaps into the air and crashes down at target location, damaging the enemy nearest to the center of the landing zone, and stunning all other enemies. All allies nearby will gain a movement speed boost after Lusk does his initial leap, and again when he lands.

Skins: Veteran Lusk, Prince of Sand Lusk, Olympian Lusk, Shinobi Lusk

TACQUE[edit | edit source]


Passive: Shadowed: Tacque cannot be seen on the minimap unless an enemy warrior is near him.

Q: Eye Poke: Tacque pokes a target's eyes out, dealing moderate damage and preventing them from seeing anything for a brief time.

W: Shadowzone: Tacque lays down a zone of shadows at target location, cloaking all allies who stay inside it. Allies inside will briefly decloak if they attack or use an ability, but will recloak if they go back inside.

E: Mischief: This ability can either be cast on enemy warriors, or structures. When used on Enemy Warriors, Tacque leaps off of them, damaging and slowing them while sending Tacque away from them. When used against a structure, it disables that structure for 5 seconds, and does damage to it.

Ultimate: Right back at ya!: Tacque empowers his hammer with Shadowy Energy, and swipes in front of him, damaging all enemies, and reflecting any projectiles in the area toward his target location.

Skins: Mafia Tacque, Demon Tacque, Shinobi Tacque, Altered Fate Tacque, Mutant Baron Tacque,

NATAS[edit | edit source]


Passive: Demonblade: After each ability cast, Natas's next basic attack will deal bonus magical damage, additionally, each time he hits an enemy with an ability, Natas gains increased spell power. this can stack up to 3 times.

Q: Sword Throw: Natas throws his sword like a boomerang, damaging all enemies in a line on the way out, and on the way back. Natas can reactivate this ability to teleport to the blade.

W: Teleport: Natas teleports to a nearby target location in a demonic explosion, damaging all enemies near the location he teleported to.

E: Hell Pulse: Natas fires off a cone of devastating hellfire, damaging and slowing all enemies. The ability will do more damage and slow the closer affected enemies are to Natas. If an enemy is close enough to Natas when hit with Demon Pulse, they will be stunned instead of slowed.

Ultimate: Obliterate: Natas floods himself with demonic energy, resetting the cooldown of all his basic abilities. For a time after, Natas will then store a percentage of all the damage he deals. Once that time is up, the stored damage floods into Natas's Blade, applying all of it on Natas's next basic attack.

Skins: Protector of Worlds Natas, Shogun Natas, Space Corporal Natas

THE CRYSTAL GUARDIAN[edit | edit source]


Passive: Crystal Breakdown: Whenever the crystal guardian loses 10% of its health, it will spawn a crystal soldier from the resulting shards, the crystal soldier does pitiful damage and lacking in defense, but lasts until killed, and scales off the guardian's stats.

Q: Refract: Passively, the Guardian stores a percentage of the damage it takes, up to a cap. When activated, the Guardian released all of the stored energy, dealing damage based on the stored damage in a cone.

W: Reflecting Beam: The guardian fires a beam of light at an enemy, damaging them and applying an additional damage over time. the beam then refracts to any other units it can find, the damage is lowered on each bounce.

E: Entrench: A toggled ability, the guardian roots itself in place, gaining additional range on its abilities and attacks but preventing it from moving, while rooted, the guardian will periodically summon crystal soldiers that go down the nearest lane, or attack the nearest enemy warrior.

Ultimate: Sunlight Cannon: The guardian begins charging up, and then channels a massive beam of sunlight in a direction, dealing damage every 0.1 an enemy is in the beam.

Skins: Tarantula Crystalguard, Honorable Crystalguard, Martian Crystalguard, Ion Cannon Crystalguard,

SKATCH[edit | edit source]


Passive: Musical Boost: Every time Skatch uses an ability, he begins playing music for 4 seconds, buffing all allies near him with increased movement and attack speed.

Q: Dischordant Wave: Skatch plays a terrible note on his guitar, damaging and silencing all enemies in a line.

W: Silver Tongue: Skatch fills an enemy's head with metal music, dealing damage, after 1 second, they scream loudly and headbang, dealing damage to all of their allies nearby.

E: Encore: Skatch applauds an ally for their great work and demands an encore, instantly resetting the cooldown of the last ability they used, this does not affect ultimates, and if the last used ability was an ultimate, it will only count an ability used before the ultimate.

Ultimate: Pep: Skatch plays encouraging music to all allies nearby, cleansing them of any CC, and making them immune to further forms of CC for 3 seconds.

Skins: Mafia Skatch, Fantasy Skatch, Altered Fate Skatch, Failure Skatch, Kraken's Herald Skatch,

COUNT NEBULAE[edit | edit source]


Passive: Magic Claws: Nebulae's overflowing Magic makes him do bonus damage on his attacks based on his Ability Power. (Or whatever magic stat we will use)

Q: Magic Missile: Nebulae slows himself, while charging up to 12 magic missiles that launch out in a volley in target direction upon release, each missile does damage to the first target it hits.

W: Magic Vine: Nebulae creates a vine of pure magic at target location that lasts for a duration, attacking the nearest warrior in it's attack range every second. The vine's attacks slow enemies.

E: Arcane Pulse: Nebulae conjures up an arcane orb. While the orb is out, you can direct it's movement by reactivating this ability. the Orb is untargetable and invincible, and when the ability times out, the orb will explode, damaging all enemies near it.

Ultimate: Mind Eviscerate: Nebulae channels for 2 seconds on an enemy warrior, and then BLASTS their mind with powerful magic, doing Massive damage and doing bonus damage based on their highest stat.

Skins: Nebula Nebulae, Snowglobe Nebulae, Overlord's Eye Nebulae, Metallic Mind Nebulae, Counting Nebulae, Riloht's Cannon Nebulae,

"THE AMAZING" AZTEC[edit | edit source]


Passive: Soul Burner: Aztec applies a Damage over time to enemies whenever he does damage to them, stacking up to 5 times, increasing the damage of the damage over time per stack.

Q: Hope-breaking Flame: Aztec launches a scorching-hot ball of shadowy fire, damaging the first enemy it hits. This ability has a short cooldown, and a low mana cost.

W: Vitality Drinker: Aztec sucks out some of the foe's life force, damaging them and healing himself based on damage dealt.

E: Flames of the pit: Aztec fires off a cone of shadowy fire, damaging all enemies in the area.

Ultimate: Disco Inferno: Aztec begins spinning rapidly after a 1 second channel, launching off 4 Hope-breaking flames and 2 Flames of the pit around him in random directions every second for 6 seconds, he also gains movement speed during this time.

Skins: Fancy Home Aztec, The Amazing Aztec (Superhero theme), Masked Thief Aztec, Sun God Aztec,

HABREN[edit | edit source]

Melee with extended range

Passive: Chance: Every 8 seconds, Habren will take chance and throw him as his next basic attack, gaining bonus range and dealing bonus damage, Chance will also stun the enemy on hit.

Q: Withering Bolt: Habren launches out a bolt of decay in a target direction, reducing the maximum health of the first target it hits for a duration.

W: Aura of Famine: Habren can toggle this ability to surround himself with a rotting aura, damaging and reducing the armor and magic resistance of nearby enemies every second. this aura requires mana to upkeep.

E: Ghastly Image: Habren projects a terrifying image at target location, damaging all enemies in the area and terrifying them for a duration. Enemies who are terrified run in the opposite direction of the origin of the terrify.

Ultimate: Feast of famine: Habren spreads a terrible famine in a large target area, all enemy warriors in the area will have their natural health regeneration and healing spells reversed. Health regeneration instead becomes Health DEGeneration, making enemies slowly lose health, and Healing spells will now damage allies, while affected by Feast of famine.

Skins: Dummy Habren, Habro, Habronze,

LADY CREATION[edit | edit source]


Passive: Benevolence: Due to her being an extreme pacifist, LC doesnt attack. instead, she can right click on allies to heal them, think of it like autoattacking your teammates to heal them. However, these healing bolts will require mana to use. She CAN attack enemy towers, but she only does half her healing amount.

Q: Divine Intervention: LC channels holy power to heal an ally anywhere on the map, this ability has a lengthy cooldown.

W: Divine Champion: LC can target any ally warrior to declare them her champion. This lasts until LC marks another target as her champion, the champion will give LC mana based on a percent of the damage they deal. additionally, the champion gains a tiny 10% damage reduction.

E: Restoration Pulse: LC pulses with holy energy, healing all allies nearby, and giving them a small boost to armor and magic resist.

Ultimate: Resurrect: LC can passively see the dead souls of allies, denoting where they died. When this ability is activated, LC begins to channel for 2 seconds, resurrecting the fallen ally and restoring them to full health where they died.

Skins: Lady Destruction, Miss Claus LC, Bunnygirl LC, Japanese Actress LC, Zo's Cleric Lady Creation,

LORD DESTRUCTION[edit | edit source]


Passive: 3-Headed strike: LD's attacks only scale off a small portion of his actual attack damage, but he strikes many times a second, this attack speed cannot be changed, but LD will gain bonus attack damage from bonus attack speed. Additionally, he gains more attack speed as he levels up, starting at 1 attack per second, and at max level, 9 attacks per second.

Q: Raze: This toggled ability empowers LD's Pitchfork, making his autoattacks scale normally with attack damage and attack speed, and giving them more range, making LD a ranged warrior. additionally, they will deal 50% damage to all enemies near the initial target, and each shot will cost mana.

W: Meteor: LD passively gains charges of this ability. when used, each charge gives him the ability to summon a meteor on target location, that falls after a brief delay, doing damage to all enemies in the area. this ability has a decent range.

E: Flamebreath: LD breathes out a cone of fire, damaging all enemies in the area and slowing them, he can use this ability 2 more times before it goes on cooldown, breathing fire once for each head. If he manages to hit an enemy warrior with all 3 uses, he will gain movement speed, and a 20% damage reduction buff.

Ultimate: Circle of Death: LD can passively see nearby corpses of fallen warriors. They will glow when they are in range of this ability. When activated, LD consumes a nearby corpse to make an explosion at a nearby target area. This ability has no cooldown or mana cost, but is limited by having corpses on the field. In short, if people are dying, people are more likely to die more.

Skins: Lord Creation, Santa Claus LD, Poseidon LD, Thousand Blades LD,

FEARDEDS[edit | edit source]


Passive: Wraith Form: Feardeds does not die immediately upon death, instead, he will turn into wraith form for 10 seconds, giving him bonus movement speed and attack damage. he WILL die either once his HP drops to 0 again, or once the 10 seconds is up, additionally, in wraith form, basic attacks will reduce the cooldown of his basic abilities by 1.

Q: Fallen Smite/Shredding Nightmare: In normal form, Feardeds chooses a target, and after a delay, a meteor falls on them, damaging them and all enemies near the initial target. In Wraith Form, Feardeds slashes right through a target enemy, dealing an empowered autoattack to anyone in his path.

W: Challenge: Feardeds chooses a target and challenges them for 5 seconds. He gains bonus damage as long as this challenged opponent does not strike him, if they do, they remove the challenged debuff, and Fearded's buff.

E: Forced Affinity: Feardeds makes target enemy radiant, making them take bonus damage, and deal less damage to Feardeds himself.

Ultimate: Shadow realm: Feardeds points at a target enemy for 1 second, and then fires a bolt at them. the bolt is homing, but it can be intercepted by other enemy warriors. Once the bolt lands, Feardeds and the target are teleported within melee range of each other, as Feardeds goes into wraith form and creates a wall of darkness, preventing anyone from interacting with the two in the shadow realm. While in shadow realm, the targeted enemy is silenced and is forced to autoattack feardeds, however, feardeds himself can use abilities freely, but cannot do anything except attack and use abilities. Shadow Realm lasts for 5 seconds, and after the shadow realm is over, Feardeds will stay in wraith form for 10 seconds like normal, however, he will not die once it times out, he will just revert to normal, unlike his passive wraith form. finally, while inside shadow realm, shredding nightmare will not make feardeds dash.

Skins: Seraphim Feardeds, Spooky Scary Feardeds, Genie Feardeds, Living Dust Feardeds

TEMISAR ACETA[edit | edit source]


Passive: Arcane Charge: Temisar gains temporary movement and attack speed every time he casts bullet speed, Dragon's gate, or Flurry of blows, this stacks up to 3 times..

Q: Zillihelt: Passively, Temisar gains passive lifesteal due to Zillihelt, he can toggle this ability to begin using zillihelt instead of his bow, making him melee.

W: Bullet speed: Temisar blinks to a nearby target location using sheer extreme speed, and his next basic attack after teleporting will deal bonus damage and stun the target.

E: Dragon's Gate: Temisar uses his dragon eye headband to make a fiery gate at target location, any ally projectiles going through the gate will deal bonus damage based on Temisar's attack. If Temisar goes through the gate while wielding zillihelt, he will gain a surge of movement speed, and and his next 3 attacks will strike 300% faster.

Ultimate: Flurry of Blows: Temisar collects himself, and then prepares to unleash a powerful flurry of blows on his next autoattack, stunning the enemy for 2 seconds while he deals 9 empowered autoattacks on them.

R.I.P. You shall be missed.

Skins: Shadowfallen Temisar, Altered Fate Temisar, Swashbuckler Temisar, Lunar God Temisar,

ROACH[edit | edit source]


Passive: Flight: Due to being a bird, (albeit, a very sexy bird.) Roach can fly faster, and gain a passive movement speed boost whilst out of combat.

Q: Blade Feather: Roach flies out in a line, and then dashes back, dealing damage to all enemies in his path on both instances.

W: Shadowshift: Roach dashes forward and turns invisible temporarily.

E: Furious Assault: Roach prepares himself for an intense attack. his next basic attack will deal bonus damage based on the enemy's max HP, and stun the target for 1 second. additionally, this attack has bonus range, and makes Roach lunge to his target.

Ultimate: Blade Dance: Roach begins doing a mystical dance, channeling for 2 seconds, once the channel is up, Roach gains a major 100% boost to damage for a brief time.

Skins: Mafia Roach, Roboach, Pimp Roach, Genius Penguin Roach, Decomposer Roach, Polertorns' Eagle Roach,

SHAMBRE[edit | edit source]


Passive: Poisonous Sting: Shambre's basic attacks do 120% of normal damage, however, they only do 50% on the initial strike, and do the remaining 70% over time.

Q: Run Through: Shambre dashes forward like a drill, damaging all enemies in her path.

W: Splintering Stinger: Shambre's next few basic attacks attack ALL enemies near her.

E: Disruptive Buzz: Shambre buzzes loudly like a bee, damaging and stunning all enemies near her for 0.25 seconds.

Ultimate: Corruptor: Shambre braces herself, and then impales her stinger into a nearby enemy, damaging them massively and turning them into a Mindless Husk for 3 seconds. Mindless Husks will autoattack the nearest warrior on their team, allowing you to turn enemy teams against themselves.

Skins: Mafia Shambre, Hivemind Shambre, Paracician Shambre, Closet Shambre,

FEYLIA[edit | edit source]


Passive: Relentless Endurance: Whenever Feylia takes fatal damage, she instead is reduced to 1 HP and cannot go below it for 5 seconds. This passive has a 5 minute cooldown afterwards.

Q: Psychotic Leap: Feylia leaps into the air, and crashes down at a target location, damaging and knocking up all enemies in the area. If she hits an enemy warrior that hasnt been hit with Psychotic Leap in the last 7 seconds, the cooldown and mana cost is instantly refreshed.

W: Reckless: Feylia immediately strikes in a line in front of her, dealing true damage. This ability costs health to use, but has no mana cost.

E: Strategic Movement: On first cast, Feylia leaps forward, gaining a boost to attack speed. for 5 seconds after, she can recast this ability to leap backward from her current position, gaining movement speed.

Ultimate: Furious Wind: Feylia begins spinning in place, and then beyblades in target direction, gaining speed as the ability goes on, for up to 10 seconds. She will constantly damage enemies near her while beyblading, and will richochet off of walls, you can only vaguely control Feylia during this time.

Skins: Overexcited Pool Girl Feylia, Gruumsh's Warrior Feylia, Fey-lia, Kuzorr's Left Hand Feylia,

MORTIS[edit | edit source]


Passive: Reaper's Blade: All of Mortis's damage scale off of his target's missing health.

Q: Shadow Sneak: Mortis fades into the shadows, becoming untargetable and invincible as he dashes forward.

W: Delay: Mortis puts a protective charm on an ally or enemy, delaying and storing all damage and healing they would take for 5 seconds. once the effect ends, the target takes ALL of the damage and ALL of the healing. the damage from this ability will go through EVERYTHING, even invincibility/untargetability, shields, and other forms of damage mitigation.

E: Cold Steel: Passively, Mortis will deal even more damage to enemies affected by Delay, and will also slow enemy movement speed with his attacks. When activated, Mortis cleaves an enemy with his scythe, damaging them heavily and reducing the healing they recieve.

Ultimate: Phantom Scythe: Mortis fades out of reality for 2 seconds, during this time he can decide a location to reappear and slash at, dealing massive damage in an arc toward the nearest enemy.

Skins: Pumpkin Farmer Mortis, Day of the Dead Mortis, King Mortis,

KURMOR[edit | edit source]


Passive: Lingering Toxin: Kurmor's attacks do 150% damage, but at a catch. the autoattack will not actually take effect until 3 seconds later, and the damage is taken as a damage over time. The damage over time effect does not stack.

Q: Patient Poison: Kurmor puts a toxin onto an enemy, and then can reactivate the ability at any time to detonate it. the Poison does 10% base damage, but will increase in damage the longer you wait for it to charge. the maximum damage being 200% of the base damage. when detonated, the main target will take full damage, and anyone near them will also take half damage. there IS a range limit on the detonation, you cant detonate it if the poisoned enemy is too far away. If the poison is not detonated after 5 seconds, it will harmlessly fade away.

W: Feign Death: Kurmor can only use this ability if he has been attacked in the last 2 seconds. When activated, Kurmor turns untargetable and invincible, as he feigns death on the ground. This ability will show normal stats, (Killfeed, Kill/Death stats) as if the Kill was real (No gold/XP will be rewarded though). But kurmor can only play dead for 5 seconds, he can reactivate the ability to cancel it early, and when he gets back up, his next cast of Patient Poison will charge much faster, and have a bigger radius.

E: Disguise: Kurmor selects an ally warrior, and disguises as them. While disguised, he will look exactly like the hero, and when clicked on by enemies, it will only show the warrior he is disguised as. Kurmor can cast his spells from Disguise without Casting animations, but the disguise will break if he takes any damage.

Ultimate: Plague of Death: Kurmor puts a powerful damage over time on target enemy. If the enemy dies while under the effect, the plague will then spread to all enemies near the now dead target, and increase in damage. Minions will only give a small boost to damage, but Enemy warriors will majorly increase the damage.

Skins: Pimp Kurmor, King Kurmor,

SHATTER[edit | edit source]


Passive: Entropic Ward: Whenever Shatter casts a spell, he begins fading into the void for a brief period of time, gaining 40% damage reduction.

Q: Void Cloak: Shatter cloaks himself or a targeted ally in void energy, causing them to become untargetable for 1 second.

W: Voidbreak: Shatter silences an enemy warrior, disabling any passive effects they have for half of the duration of the silence.

E: Rook: Shatter calls a portal in a vector target location, and a massive green hand comes out in a pushing motion, damaging and knocking all enemies back in the direction Shatter cast this ability.

Ultimate: Void Grip: Shatter opens a black hole at a targeted location, damaging and quickly pulling all enemy warriors closer to the center while they are inside it.

Skins: Mirror Shatter, Puppeteer Shatter, Scientist Shatter,

GILVONE[edit | edit source]



Passive: Rules Lawyer: Gilvone listens to the rules 100%, and does not tolerate people trying to stretch or manipulate them. His basic attacks will periodically reveal enemies for 3 seconds and Cripple them, preventing them from using movement abilities.

Q: Order in the Court: Gilvone swings his massive gavel at a targeted enemy, damaging them and knocking them back an extreme distance. The enemy takes major bonus damage if they impact a wall.

W: Steam Blast: Gilvone lets off a massive burst of steam, healing himself for a percentage of his maximum health and damaging all enemies around him based on the amount he healed.

E: Steam Charge: Gilvone blasts steam behind him to propel himself forward, damaging all enemies he contacts with and knocking them into the air.

Ultimate: Law and Order: Gilvone slams his gavel into the ground, damaging and stunning all nearby enemies.

Skins: Voided Gilvone, Actual Lawyer Gilvone, Boxer Gilvone, True Hero Gilvone,

ZHELA[edit | edit source]


Passive: Copy-Paste: Zhela is a complete and utter thief, she will constantly randomize her Q, W, E, and ultimate abilities. she can level up her abilities, and they will stay leveled throughout the game. her ultimate is one use only. She can use a Q, W, E, or ult from anyone in the game, and her kit reshuffles every time she dies.

Q: Variable, can be any other warrior's Q.

W: Variable, can be any other warrior's W

E: Variable, can be any other warrior's E

Ultimate: Variable, can be any other warrior's ultimate.

Skins: Succubus Zhela, Bandit Zhela, Game Master Zhela, Artist Zhela,

AZUREWRATH[edit | edit source]


Passive: Crystal Sickness: Azurewrath's Attacks apply a slow, and a damage over time effect to their targets.

Q: Deflective Crystals: Azurewrath shields himself, making 50% of all the damage he takes instead go to two nearby units for half damage, this means Azurewrath CAN make you hit your own team, or instead hit his own team.

W: Defend the King: Azurewrath commands a small shield wall of amethystian soldiers to dash forward in front of him and block the way. (Think Azir's ult in league) The soldiers will stay in place for 3 seconds afterward, blocking enemy movement from the front. The soldiers can die if they take too much damage.

E: Cowardly Tactics: Azurewrath dashes to an enemy and holds them hostage for up to 3 seconds. while held hostage, neither Azurewrath or his target can do anything, and the next hostile spell cast on Azurewrath will instead hit his hostage, If either time runs out or Azurewrath's hostage is hit, then Azurewrath will lose his grip on his hostage.

Ultimate: Crystallize: Azurewrath completely encases a target enemy in crystal, putting them in stasis for up to 6 seconds. while in stasis, the target cannot be affected by anything, and cannot do anything either. Once the ability expires, Azurewrath dies, or Azurewrath recasts the ability to cancel it, the crystal cage surrounds him, giving him a 60% damage reduction buff for 2 seconds.

Skins: Mine Overseer Azurewrath, Santa Claws Azurewrath, Interpreter Azurewrath,

FIXATE[edit | edit source]


Passive: Arm-Targeting: Fixate will periodically reduce the attack speed of targets with his auto attacks, the attackspeed slow scales with his level.

Q: Turret: Fixate throws a quick-building automatic turret to target location, that quickly attack nearby enemies for 30 seconds. he can have up to 3 charges of this ability and place them down in rapid succession.

W: Shield generator: Fixate passively has a Shield Generator on him at all times, he can place it down to activate it, and it will pulse every 3 seconds, giving all allies nearby a stacking shield. The shield generator lasts forever at its current location, until Fixate picks it up again by going nearby and reactivating the ability, or Fixate dies.

E: Assistance Drone: Fixate gives an allied Warrior or Tower a Combat-Assisting Drone, that will periodically shield them, and do an extra attack scaling off of 15% of their attack whenever they autoattack. Fixate can only have one Assistance Drone out at one time, and it will last until a new ally is targeted, or the ally the drone is on dies.

Ultimate: Battle Body: Fixate loses all pretense of a back-line engineer as he goes into his powerful Battle Body for 10 seconds. doubling his health pool, armor, MR, and giving him bonus damage and attack speed, he loses his original abilities (But Assistance Drone and Shield Generator will not go away.) But will gain new ones focused only on doing damage.

Passive: Battle-Ready: This gives Fixate his increased stats.

Q: Missiles: Fixate targets an area, after a delay, a massive array of missiles strikes the target location, damaging all enemies inside.

W: Annihilation Beam: Fixate prepares himself, and then fires a long ranged beam forward, damaging all enemies in the path.

E: Flak Cannon: Fixate sprays his guns wildly, damaging all enemies in a cone in front of him over time for 3 seconds, while disarming himself.

Ultimate: Eject: Cancels battle body.

Skins: Fix-ite, Pimp Fixate, Broken Fixate, Blind Fixate, Cardi-Chekk's Engineer Fixate,

LYKKIA[edit | edit source]


Passive: Patience Limit: Lykkia is usually kind and caring, but can become extremely dangerous and scary if pushed too far, Lykkia gains a stack of Patience whenever she casts a spell, at max stacks, her next spell will consume the stacks for a bonus effect.

Q: Ray of Protection: Lykkia fires a beam in target direction after a short delay, healing all allies and damaging all enemies in the beam, when her patience is at the limit, the ability will instead fire in a massive cone, and give a bonus heal over time to allies, and damage over time to enemies.

W: Safeguard: Lykkia gives all nearby ally warriors a shield, when her patience is at the limit, the shields will all explode violently whenever they are broken or expire, dealing damage in an area around the warrior with the shield.

E: Blade of Heaven: Lykkia throws an image of a holy sword at target enemy warrior, damaging and slowing them. when her patience reaches it's limit, however, the sword will be followed by 2 more phantom swords, doing even more damage, and stunning the target instead of slowing.

Ultimate: Mood Shift: Lykkia, after a 1 second delay, makes herself and all nearby ally warriors near her Happy, and all nearby enemy warriors near her Depressed. Happy allies will regenerate a percentage of their max HP every second, but be unable to attack or use abilities. Depressed enemies cannot attack or use abilities, and have their base movement speed set to a measly 100. Mood shift lasts for 3 seconds, additionally, if her patience is at her limit when she casts it, she will send out a big pulse of energy beforehand, damaging all enemy warriors immediately and healing all ally warriors immediately.

Skins: Terminator Lykkia, Succubus Lykkia, Lady Lykkia,

PYRAN[edit | edit source]


Passive: Weapon of Light: Pyran's attacks do bonus magic damage, scaling with level, and rank of ultimate.

Q: Zealot Charge: Pyran quickly spins his blade around him while dashing in a target direction, damaging all enemies in his path.

W: Savior's Halo: Pyran passively has a halo on him, that gives him a constant boost to regeneration. He can use Savior's Halo to temporarily give an ally the Halo.

E: Zeal: Pyran strikes 3 times in front of him, in an arc like shape, stepping forward slightly with each strike. Each strike after the first deals 10% more damage than the last, and the first strike slows enemies slightly.

Ultimate: Radiant Beam: Pyran marks an area for the fury of heaven, summoning a massive beam that constantly damages anything in its path, and can be redirected by reactivating this ability.

Skins: Blackguard Pyran, Social Justice Pyran, Lord Pyran, Emissary of the new God Pyran,

GRAVELYNN[edit | edit source]


Passive: Destroying Affinity: Gravelynn's attacks hit twice in quick succession, the first attack is normal, but the 2nd attack scales off of her AP instead.

Q: Inhumane Killing: Gravelynn brutally attacks a target enemy in melee range, stunning them and damaging them, this ability instantly resets her autoattack timer.

W: Chill of Undeath: Gravelynn sends out a ghostly skeletal hand to grip an enemy, damaging them and slowing them, and preventing them from using movement abilities whilst near Gravelynn for a couple of seconds.

E: Hanged Man: Gravelynn throws a noose in a targeted direction, hitting the first enemy warrior in it's path, When it connects, Gravelynn yanks on the noose, damaging them from suffocation based on a percentage of their Max hp, purging all buffs from them, and pulling them in.

Ultimate: Throwywhatsit: Gravelynn passively gains charges of Throwywhatsit, 1 every 10 seconds, up to 10 maximum. While she has a charge, Gravelynn's attacks become ranged, and throw a dart at the enemy, which does her normal damage (including passive) plus bonus damage, and will slow targets heavily for 1 second.

Skins: Mass Murderer Gravelynn, Schoolgirl Gravelynn, Pacifist Gravelynn, Beyond the Grave Gravelynn,

RETNAV[edit | edit source]


Passive: Icy Advantage: Retnav deals bonus damage, and takes less damage from enemies who are crowd controlled.

Q: Lunge: Retnav leaps to a target location and slams the ground, causing a blizzard around his landing location. Retnav damages and slows all enemies he lands near.

W: Armor of Agathys: Retnav shields himself with icy armor, giving himself a moderate shield, and emitting an aura that constantly damages and slows all enemies inside.

E: Crush: Retnav slams an opponent in melee range with both of his gauntlets, stunning and dealing true damage to them.

Ultimate: Throw down the gauntlet: Retnav makes a small gauntlet out of ice, and throws it at a moderate distance target location. The gauntlet will freeze a large field of the ground where it lands, slowing all enemies in the area heavily. Retnav gains a major boost to movement speed on the Ice.

Skins: Boxer Retnav, Frozen Royalty Retnav, Young Retnav, Disciple of the Elements Retnav, Riloht's Fist Retnav,

LEPUG[edit | edit source]


Passive: Plaguebringer: Whenever Lepug casts a spell, he gains a boost to his Mana regeneration for a time.

Q: Flash: Lepug uses his Overseen wings to spread plague to those who look at them in a cone, if enemies look in the direction of Lepug when he uses Flash, They take damage over time and are slowed for a brief time.

W: Attention Grab: Lepug Caws loudly, taunting all enemies in a cone, and slightly damaging them.

E: Poisoned Air: Lepug flaps his Overseen wings, knocking all enemies in a line back, and leaving behind a big fog of poisoned air, the fog will constantly damage enemies inside it and make them nearsighted.

Ultimate: Pandemic: Lepug briefly gives an enemy a plague aura, that will damage all of their allies nearby constantly. after 2 seconds, the Plague aura begins to spread, giving all enemies near the initial enemy a plague aura as well, the damage from the plague auras deal reduced damage for each one a target is simultaneously affected by. Flash's Poison will also be spread by Plague aura, and it's duration will be reset as well.

Skins: Plague Doctor Lepug, Full Overseen Lepug, Previous Incarnation Lepug, Goat-Headed Lepug, Arcade Lepug, Teimaia's Wings Lepug,

SCREAMER[edit | edit source]


Passive: Implacable Force: Screamer is unyielding, cold, and ruthless, He is not swayed by most things, and has 60% reduction to the duration of crowd control effects on him, however, his HP is reduced by a percentage.

Q: Flash Photography: Screamer instantly takes a photo with his camera-head, stunning all enemies in a cone with the bright flash, for every enemy warrior he hits, he gains a charge of Stored Memory, up to 5 maximum.

W: Rememberance: Screamer can recall, and reactivate any previous moment he has witnessed, though he does not use the latter ability here, he can use this to readapt his strategy and think of a better plan. This ability requires a Stored Memory charge to activate, when used, Screamer goes into a defensive position for .5 seconds, if he is hit during that time, he immediately fades out, becoming untargetable, and dashes to the enemy that damaged him, hitting them with an empowered auto attack.

E: Jumpscare: Screamer near-instantly teleports to any location on the map, fearing all enemies near his arrival point. this ability has a lengthy cooldown.

Ultimate: Balance:

"You have disrupted Balance."

Screamer entangles an enemy with his tentacles and antlers for 1 second, and then turns both him and the enemy COMPLETELY Invisible, preventing them from seeing or being seen by anything other than each other. during this time, Screamer gains a massive boost to attack damage and attack speed. This all lasts for 5 seconds.

Skins: Reindeer Screamer, Slender Screamer, Director Screamer, Horror Screamer,

ENDISS[edit | edit source]


Passive: Pain-Manipulator: Endiss's spells cost nothing, But whenever he takes damage, he stores a percentage of it, and then adds it to his next spellcast.

Q: Painball: Endiss deals 1% of max HP damage to all units near him, and then fires the stored pain in a line, Dealing damage depending on the damage he dealt to all units nearby to the first target hit. The initial %HP damage is nonlethal.

W: Pain Link: Endiss links himself to an ally briefly, during this time, all the damage the ally takes is instead dealt to Endiss, If Endiss dies while Pain Link is active, the pain backfires and is all dealt to the ally as well.

E: Pain Lance: Endiss tries to discharge pain by coalescing it and firing it in a line, damaging all enemies hit, doing more damage based on endiss's missing health. If endiss hits an enemy with it, he heals for a percent of the damage it dealt, this stacks with multiple enemies.

Ultimate: Disperse Pain: Endiss disperses his pain out to all nearby enemies. damaging all enemies and healing himself for a percentage of his missing health.

Skins: Lovestruck Endiss, Psycho Endiss, Labyrinth Endiss,

DEATHLY BONES[edit | edit source]


Passive: Grenadier: Deathly bones's attacks have a fixed attack speed, but will do splash damage in an area around the target, and deal bonus damage vs structures.

Q: Repulsor Grenade: Deathly throws out a special grenade with massive amounts of force, damaging and knocking back all enemies in target area away from the epicenter. If Deathly himself is in the epicenter, he is knocked back farther away, and gains 100% more attack speed and range whilst in the air, ignoring his usual restriction to attack speed.

W: Sticky Bomb: Deathly throws out a Sticky bomb in a line, either latching onto the first enemy hit, or falling on the ground. Whenever the sticky bomb is out, Deathly can reactivate this ability to damage all enemies near the sticky bomb.

E: Siegebreaker: Deathly pulls out a rocket launcher, giving a 1 second delay to him firing a powerful rocket, that does damage based on 1% of current, max, and missing hp in a moderate AOE.

Ultimate: Grenade Launcher: Deathly takes out a Grenade launcher and for 12 seconds, Deathly is at maximum attack speed for his "Fixed" attack speed. He can STILL increase it with his Q. and he gains a small damage boost as well.

Skins: Demoman Deathly, Pirate Deathly, Squared Deathly,

CROSSBITE TOEGNASHER (Yes that is actually his name)[edit | edit source]


Passive: Hard Scale: Crossbite's warshaper traits and extremely durable scales makes him halve all "Bonus Damage" that he would take.

Q: Blood Frenzy: Crossbite bites a target in a rabid frenzy, dealing minor damage scaling with missing health, this ability can be used even while crowd controlled.

W: Hatchet: Crossbite has a hatchet, that he can throw to damage and stun the first enemy hit in a line. Afterwards, the Hatchet bounces off, and lands on the ground, where he can pick it up to lower the cooldown, and empowers his next basic attack with bonus damage by striking with the Hatchet. If he misses, the hatchet will either fall on the ground, or embed itself in a wall, where it can be picked up.

E: Second Wind: Crossbite instantly heals himself for a percent of his max Health, this ability can be used even while crowd controlled.

Ultimate: Action Surge: Crossbite instantly dispels all crowd control affecting him and resets the cooldown on all of his abilities.

Skins: Templar Crossbite, Red Crossbite, Shinobi Crossbite, Shark Week Crossbite, Demon Hunter Crossbite, Kraken's Warrior Crossbite,

OVERSEER[edit | edit source]


Passive: The Calm: Overseer is surprisingly calm while out of combat, regenerating a % of his max health every second.

Q: Earthshake: Overseer slams his massive axe on the ground, damaging and stunning all enemies in a large cone for .1 seconds.

W: Bull Charge: Overseer readies himself, and then charges in a direction, damaging and bringing all enemies he collides with along for the ride. If he hits a wall, he will slam any enemies he brought with him into it, stunning and damaging them. If the bull charge reaches the end of its range, this bonus damage does not go through. Finally, if Overseer hits a wall without bringing any enemies with him, he instead damages and stuns himself.

E: Clumsy Swings: A toggled ability, when Toggled on, Overseer begins swinging his axe far more recklessly and clumsily, increasing his attack speed, auto attack damage, and also damaging all enemies near the target of his auto attacks, however, he also does a percent of his attack damage to himself with every swing when active.

Ultimate: The Storm: Overseer goes completely mental, converting the % of HP he regens from "The calm" into bonus damage on his auto attacks for a moderate time.

Skins: Warden Overseer, Eldritch Beast Overseer, Chieftain Overseer, Tritus's Bodyguard Overseer,

THE DARK SMITH[edit | edit source]


Passive: Constant Improvement: Constantly improving his Gear, Dark smith can choose his abilities at the start of the game, he can choose from 1, 2, or 3, for his Q, W, E, and Ultimate. You can only choose one of these abilities per game.

Q1: Birdholder Drill: The Dsmith launches out his wrist-mounted Birdholder drill head, damaging all enemies in a line and shredding their armor and magic resist, additionally, any terrain in the way of the projectile is flattened for a time.

Q2: Forceful Smash: Dsmith slams the ground nearby with both of his anvil cudgels, dealing damage in a small AOE. passively increases his attack damage.

Q3: Summon Modrons: Dsmith summons Modrons, that will respond to his commands. the Modrons can be redirected to attack or to guard a location. Modrons only take 1 damage from each attack, but only have 3 maximum HP. Modrons last until killed, or until Dsmith summons new ones.

W1: Autoparrier: Passively, Dsmith gains an Autoparrier shield, which will periodically block the next basic attack Dsmith receives, and heal him based on a percent of the damage he would have taken. When activated, Dsmith raises the autoparrier shield, making him heal a percentage of all damage he takes temporarily.

W2: Hookitar: Dsmith lashes out with a hooked scimitar in a line skillshot, damaging and pulling in all enemies he hits.

W3: Repair drones: Dsmith looses out repair drones, which will heal all allies nearby over time, this includes your Modrons.

E1: Kunai with Chain: Dsmith launches out a KWC in a target direction, damaging and restraining the first target hit. Whilst restrained, both Dsmith and the enemy are stunned for up to 5 seconds, Dsmith is channeling whilst restraining the victim.

E2: Rocket Boosters: Dsmith jets forward with Rocket jets on his boots, damaging and knocking aside all enemies he collides with on the way. He then temporarily gains movement speed.

E3: Siege Blast: Dsmith shoots out a mortar shot from his back-cannon things, doing damage and temporarily revealing targets in the target area at long range.

Ultimate1: The Midnight Deal: Dsmith screams about how there is a deal going on only for today. for 8 seconds, he will emit a pulse every 2 second, damaging enemies, and taunting them for 1 second with every pulse.

Ultimate2: Mind Blast: Dsmith calls in his Illithid accountant, Lilly, to blast a single target's mind for massive damage, and a stun.

Ultimate3: Morale Booster: Dsmith calls in a Robot cheerleader, that can be redirected by reactivating this ability. The Robot cheerleader emits a heal pulse around it every 3 seconds, healing all nearby allies. the Heal gets stronger based on missing HP. The robot lasts for a moderate duration, before beaming back up.

Skins: Basketball Dark Smith, Drummer Dark Smith, Vacation Dark Smith, Lilly's Assistant Dark Smith,

CYRAX-6[edit | edit source]


Passive: Anarchist: Cyrax-6, being a complete rebel and anarchist, inspires his allies to rebel with him, whenever he does damage to an enemy, he gives a buff to himself and all nearby allies that increases their attack speed and damage output.

Q: Molotov: Cyrax-6 throws a molotov cocktail at target location, setting the area on fire. The fire does damage to all enemies inside over time as long as they stay inside.

W: Uncontainable: Cyrax-6 simply refuses to be contained or suppressed, and will passively gain 25% reduction to Crowd control durations on himself. When activated, he gives himself a burst of movement speed and instantly purges all Crowd control effects, becoming immune to them for 1 additional second.

E: Pickpocket: Cyrax-6 pickpockets an enemy, completely disabling both the passive and actives, (but not the stat boosts) of items in the warrior's inventory. He additionally passively gains movement speed.

Ultimate: VIVA LA REBELLION!: Cyrax-6 incites a dangerous rebellious frenzy in himself and all nearby allies, giving them a massive increase in attack speed, damage output, movement speed, regeneration, and giving them a 20% Damage reduction buff. after the buff ends, everyone who had the buff will gain Overexertion, which will slow their movement and attack speeds, and slightly lower their damage output.

Skins: Soccer Ball Cyrax, Geometry Project Cyrax, Viva Rebellion Cyrax,

BUDSKIT[edit | edit source]


Passive: Magician's Dance: Every few seconds, Budskit will ready himself for an incoming attack, if he is hit while Magician's Dance is up, he will phase out for 1 second, dodging the attack. During the 1s, he can teleport to a nearby location.

Q: Madness bolt: Budskit throws out a madness bolt in a direction, damaging all enemies in a line. Every enemy warrior hit reduces the cooldown on Magician's Dance by a couple of seconds.

W: Clonk: Passively, Budskit's 6th basic attack will CLONK an enemy, dealing bonus damage and stunning the target. when activated, Budskit throws one of his pins at an enemy, doing the CLONK effect, and additionally teleporting Budskit to his target.

E: Sucker Punch: Budskit immediately teleports behind an enemy and punches them, damaging them and silencing them for a brief time, He can use Sucker Punch even while disabled.

Ultimate: Maniacal Impact: Budskit teleports to a nearby target location and then starts charging psychic energy. After a brief period of time, Budskit unleashes the energy in a shockwave around him, Damaging all enemies nearby.

Skins: DJ Budskit, Psychonaut Budskit, Dejected Birthday Clown Budskit, Possessed Budskit, Gems' Bruiser Budskit,

RESURRI[edit | edit source]


Passive: Second Chance: When Resurri dies, she will first respawn right where she died after 5 seconds, healing up to 50% HP. After this Second Chance, the next time Resurri dies will be subject to normal death rules.

Q: Mistress of Undeath: Passively, whenever a minion dies near Resurri, she will resurrect it as an undead minion for her team, that will push the lane with her own team's minions, at the cost of having all their stats halved. Resurri can have a max of 3 undead minions out. when Activated, Resurri blasts an area with Necrotic energy, damaging all enemies inside, and healing herself for every enemy hit.

W: Equality: Resurri damages herself for a percentage of her maximum health, and deals the amount of damage she took as damage to an enemy.

E: Bring out the dead: Resurri summons 3 zombie knights in a cone in front of her, that will attack any target she is currently attacking. the Zombie Knights last only for a short while, or until they are killed.

Ultimate: Retry: Resurri can passively see the corpses of allies. When activated, Resurri targets a corpse and begins raising that ally from the grave for 10 seconds. during this 10 seconds, the ally has massive buffs to their attack speed, damage output, and movement speed. They will die after the 10 seconds is up, however, or when they simply die again from damage.

Skins: Corpse Bride Resurri, Pop Star Resurri

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