Firearms are optional weapons for a campaign, though they are a prerequisite for having the Gunslinger class in your game. They can only be wielded by classes with Firearms proficiency, and otherwise just function like a club would (1d4 bludgeoning simple weapon). All firearms can be loaded before firing, even on a different turn, but they take up a regular action to do so.

Weapon Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Revolver 10 gp 1d6 piercing 5 lbs Ammunition, ranged (30/60), Light
Shotgun 15 gp 1d6 piercing 6 lbs Ammunition, ranged (15/30), Special, Two-Handed
Sniper 20 gp 1d10 piercing 12 lbs Ammunition, ranged (60/120), Special, Two-Handed

Revolver: Revolvers may hold up to 6 bullets in a clip at once, equal to 6 bullets per reload.

Shotgun: The shotgun fires 3 bullets in a 15 ft. foot cone. Each shot deals 1d6 damage. Shotguns can hold two shells per clip, equal to 6 bullets per reload.

Sniper: Snipers may only hold one bullet in a clip. If a Sniper scores a Critical Hit, then the first dice roll for damage is maxed. (e.g. a crit would do 10 + 1d10 damage)

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