This is similar to the to-do list, however instead of being a specific thing, such as a race or archetype, this is more so for mass projects that require finishing.

Current Goals[edit | edit source]

The current goals on the wiki are the following.

Complete the Flavor Text for any races missing it. This is less than 10, by now, and should be done before the month is over.

Mass Quirkification. Adding a Quirk table to each race that it would make sense to have one, as an optional second or additional third personality trait. This is an idea taken from Volo's, and it's very well executed there.

Adding Multiclass Specifications. Only the Bladescribe has multiclass specifications. While this isn't a huge deal, as most of the time it's pretty obvious what to rule it as, it still should be done for when we compile a lot of our homebrew into something for dmsguild or similar.

Teaching Daisuke and Pumpo How The Fuck To Format. Self-explanatory.

Finish Hall of Shame Reasons. Self-explanatory.

Create all the Deity pages. Self-explanatory.

Suggestions[edit | edit source]

These are ideas for how to execute things for any of the current goals. Please put the goal that your idea is for beforehand.

Mass Quirkification - perhaps adding a quirk to the alternian race based on their actual typing quirks (without enforcing it for typing, that's optional) could be neat.

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